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2014 Seminar Schedule

Date  SpeakerTitleDepartment
01/01/2014 No Seminar New YearNo Seminar 
01/08/2014Dr. Michael Puskarich Procoagulant platelets: Linking mitochondrial and microcirculatory dysfunction in sepsisUMMC- Emergency Medicine 
01/15/2014Dr. Jonathan TuneCardiovascular Effects of Glucogen-like Peptide 1 in Obesity and Type 2 DiabetesIndiana University School of Medicine 
01/22/2014Dr. Ji Li AMP-activated Protein Kinase in the Aged Heart State University of New York at Buffalo 
01/29/2014Drs. Merry Lindsey and Michael Hall Cardiac Remodeling:  Risks & Relationships UMMC- Physiology and Cardiology 
02/05/2014Peter Mittwede Orthopedic Trauma, the Kidney, and the Role of Obesity UMMC- Physiology 
02/12/2014Dr. Romain Harmancey Insulin Resistance: Friend and Foe of the HeartUniversity of Texas Health Sciences Center 
02/19/2014Drs. Jane Reckelhoff and Celso Gomez-Sanchez Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:  Important Unanswered Questions UMMC- Physiology and Endocrinology 
02/26/2014Dr. Paula Warrington Role of TNFa in Placental Ischemia-Induced Cerebrovascular Abnormalities UMMC- Physiology 
03/05/2014Dr. Lisandra de Castro Bras MMP Generated Collagen Peptide Roles in Post-myocardial Infarction Remodeling UMMC- Physiology 
03/12/2014Drs. Robert Hester & Angela Subauste The Obesity Crisis:  Challenges & OpportunitiesUMMC- Physiology and Endocrinology
03/19/2014Dr. Kevin Hall The Calculus of Calories: Quantitative Physiology of Human Metabolism & Body Weight Dynamics NIH- National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute 
03/26/2014Dr. Tracy Bale- Cancelled Stressed Parents: Maternal and Paternal Contributions to the Developing Brain University of Pennsylvania 
04/02/2014Dr. Frank Spradley- Cancelled Obesity Increases the Risk for Preeclampsia: Weighing In on the Mechanisms UMMC- Physiology  
04/09/2014Dr. Karl Nath Pathobiology of Hemodialysis Vascular Access Dysfunction Mayo Clinic 
04/16/2014Dr. Suttira Intapad Early Life Origins of Hypertension and Metabolic Dysfunction: Rat and Mouse Models of IUGR UMMC- Physiology 
04/23/2014EB Practice Hanna Broome, John Henry Dasinger, Kristine DeLeon, Keisa Mathis, Peter Mittwede, Rugmani Padmanabhan, Andriy Yabluchanskiy UMMC- Physiology 
04/30/2014No Seminar Experimental Biology No Seminar 
05/02/2014Dr. Asad Zeidan Leptin: A Novel Mediator of Cardiovascular Remodeling American University of Beirut
05/07/2014Drs. Alejandro Chade and Luis Juncos Renal Artery Stenosis:  Clinical & Translational Implications UMMC- Physiology and Nephrology
05/14/2014Dr. Andriy Yabluchanskiy The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in Cardiac Aging and Myocardial Infarction UMMC- Physiology  
05/21/2014Dr. Frank Spradley Obesity Increases the Risk for Preeclampsia: Weighing In on the Mechanisms UMMC- Physiology  
05/28/2014Dr. Andrew Butler Neuroendocrine Control of Metabolic Homeostasis: New Ideas in the Translational Research Arena The Scripps Research Institute 
06/04/2014Dr. Yonggang Ma MMP-28 Regulates Neutrophil Polarization Following Myocardial Infarction UMMC- Physiology   
06/11/2014Dr. Michael Ryan The Utility of Studying an Experimental Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus UMMC- Physiology   
06/18/2014Dr. Lique Coolen Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Excess Testosterone on Brain and Behavior in Femal Sheep: Animal Model for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome UMMC- Physiology   
06/25/2014Dr. Marjorie Jenkins Y Does X Make a Difference Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center
06/27/2014Dr. Kezhong Zhang Regulation of Hepatic Energy Metabolism by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response Wayne State University 
07/02/2014Dr. Christoph Buettner  Why the Brain Fails to Control Metabolism and Inflammation in Obesity and Diabetes Mount Sinai School of Medicine 
07/09/2014Dr. Heather Drummond Degenerin Proteins UMMC- Physiology 
07/16/2014Dr. Hanna Broome NFKB, Dietary Salt, and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus UMMC- Physiology 
07/23/2014Dr. David Stec Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer of Obesity and Diabetes UMMC- Physiology 
07/30/2014Dr. Jussara doCarmo Control of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Function by the Brain Melanocortin System UMMC- Physiology 
08/06/2014Dr. James Wilson Large Scale Genetic Analysis in JHS: From Targeted Genotyping to Whole Genomes UMMC- Physiology  
08/13/2014Dr. Kristine DeLeon Why It's Important to Floss Your Heart UMMC- Physiology  
08/20/2014Dr. Zhen Wang Interaction of Hypertension and Diabetes in Progressive Nephropathy UMMC- Physiology  
08/27/2014Dr. Jonathan Kirk The Myofilament and Cardiac Dyssynchrony are Frenemies John Hopkins University 
09/03/2014No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar 
09/10/2014No Seminar Council for High Blood Pressure ResearchNo Seminar 
09/17/2014Dr. Rebecca Simmons The Epigenetic Landscape of the Beta Cell in Type 2 Diabetes University of Pennsylvania 
09/24/2014Dr. Lianyou Rui Regulation of Body Weight and Nutrient Metabolism by Obese Gene SH2B1 University of Michigan 
10/01/2014Dr. Kieren Mather Cardiovascular Benefits of GLP-1 Therapies- Real or Fantasy?   Indiana University 
10/08/2014Dr. Ya-xiong Tao Melanocortin-4 Receptor: Pharmacological Chaperones and Biased Signaling Auburn University 
10/15/2014Dr. Michael Brands Should We Still Care About Insulin in the Cardiovascular Realm?Georgia Regents University 
10/22/2014Dr. Ana Palei The Role of Obesity in the Pathogenesis of Pregnancy-induced Hypertension UMMC- Physiology 
10/29/2014Dr. Chetan Patil Therapeutic Potential of Testosterone Propionate in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) UMMC- Physiology 
11/05/2014Dr. William Andrew PruettSimulated Populations of Hypertensive Men: Susceptibilities and Resistances UMMC- Physiology  
11/06/2014Dr. Charles Lang Age-Associated Acceleration of Alcholic Myopathy Pennsylvania State University
11/12/2014Dr. Andrew Smith Defining the Role of Liver Surface Nodularity in Chronic Liver Disease 

UMMC- Radiology 

11/19/2014Dr. Birdie LaMarca Autoantibodies and Inflammation; A Pathophysiological Role for Immune Mechanisms During Preeclampsia UMMC- OB/GYN 
11/26/2014No Seminar Thanksgiving No Seminar 
12/03/2014Dr. Rodrigo Maranon Fixing "Low T": Good or Bad for Cardiovascular Risk and Metabolic Control  UMMC- Physiology  
12/10/2014Dr. Rugmani Padmanabhan Cancelled UMMC- Physiology   
12/17/2014Dr. Bernadette Grayson Consequences of Bariatric Surgery: For Better? Or For Worse? UMMC- Neurobiology & Anatomy 
12/24/2014No Seminar Christmas Holiday No Seminar  
12/31/2014No Seminar New Year Holiday No Seminar