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2020 Seminar Series

Seminars are held from noon-1 p.m. Wednesdays in CW106. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. For more information, contact Jennifer Duckworth in the Department of Physiology at (601) 984-1810.

01/01/2020No SeminarNew Year's HolidayNo Seminar
01/08/2020Dr. Zhen WangRole of TRPC6 Channels in Mediating Hypertensive-Diabetic Target Organ InjuryUMMC- Physiology
01/15/2020Dr. Yingjie ChenEffects of T Cells and Lung Inflammation on the Transition from Left Heart Failure to Right Heart FailureUMMC- Physiology
01/22/2020Dr. Romain HarmanceyRole of Hyperinsulinemia in Cardiovascular Complications Associated with DiabetesUMMC- Physiology
01/29/2020Dr. Erin TaylorThe Role of Leptin and Obesity in the Pathogenesis of AutoimmunityUMMC- Physiology
02/05/2020Dr. James RowlettValium and the Benzodiazepines: At the Crossroads of Anxiety and AddictionUMMC- Psychiatry & Human Behavior
02/12/2020Dr. Eric GeorgeThe Maternal/Fetal Interface: More than a BarrierUMMC- Physiology
02/19/2020Dr. Drew PruettValidation: Engineering Skepticism into the Modeling ProcessUMMC- Physiology
02/26/2020Dr. Barbara AlexanderInsults During Fetal Life and Consequences Across the LifespanUMMC- Physiology
03/04/2020Dr. Jeremy DuncanCytokine-mediated Decrease in βENaC as a Potential Mechanism for Cerebrovascular Impairment in Placental IschemiaUMMC- Physiology
03/11/2020Dr. Jussara do CarmoParental Obesity-Induced Programming of Hypertension and Cardiovascular DiseaseUMMC- Physiology
06/10/2020Dr. Joey GrangerPreeclampsia: Pathophysiology and Therapeutic TargetsUMMC- Physiology
07/01/2020No SeminarIndependence Day HolidayNo Seminar
07/08/2020Dr. Robert HesterMuscle Blood Flow, Exercise and ObesityUMMC- Physiology
07/15/2020Dr. Michael RyanHypertension: Moving Towards Understanding the Contribution of Immune System ActivationUMMC- Physiology
07/22/2020Dr. Thales BarbosaNeural Control of Circulation and Vascular Function in HumansUMMC-Physiology
07/29/2020Dr. Xu ChenUMMC- Physiology
08/05/2020Dr. Alejandro ChadeUMMC- Physiology
08/12/2020Dr. John HallUMMC- Physiology
08/19/2020Dr. Zoltan NemethUMMC- Physiology
08/26/2020Dr. Heather DrummondUMMC- Physiology
09/02/2020Scientific Sessions Practice TalksUMMC- Physiology
09/09/2020No SeminarCouncil on Hypertension Scientific SessionsNo Seminar
09/16/2020Dr. David StecMechanistic Insights of Bilirubin/Biliverdin Reductase Protection in NAFLDUMMC- Physiology
09/23/2020Dr. Sadia AshrafUMMC- Physiology
09/30/2020Dr. Theresa PowellUniversity of Colorado
10/07/2020Dr. David HarrisonMechanisms of Immune Activation and Inflammation in HypertensionVanderbilt
10/14/2020Dr. Joshua SpeedUMMC- Physiology
10/21/2020Dr. Alan MoutonUMMC- Physiology
10/28/2020Dr. Xuan LiUMMC- Physiology
11/04/2020Dr. Alexandre da SilvaUMMC- Physiology
11/11/2020Dr. Sarah GloverUMMC- GI- Digestive Diseases
11/18/2020Dr. John ClemmerUMMC- Physiology
11/25/2020No SeminarThanksgiving Day HolidayNo Seminar
12/02/2020Dr. Michael HallUMMC- Cardiology
12/09/2020Dr. Max CooperHow Did Our Immune System Evolve?Emory University School of Medicine
12/23/2020No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar
12/30/2020No SeminarNew Year's Day HolidayNo Seminar