Graduate Program

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Barbara Alexander, PhD

Director, Analytical and Assay Laboratory
Office: G359
Lab: G354
Assay lab: G475
Office phone: (601) 984-1831
Lab phone: (601) 815-3106
Assay lab phone: (601) 984-1825

Areas of Expertise

  • General: Cardiovasular/renal physiology, biochemistry
  • Specific: Developmental programming of adult health and disease, low birth weight, intrauterine growth restriction, sex differences, hypertension.

Research Methods

Our laboratory utilizes whole animal and molecular approaches including acute and chronic measurements of arterial pressure and renal hemodynamics (telemetry, GFR, ERPF, RVR), molecular, and biochemical assays (PCR, Western Blot, ELISA, etc).

Current Projects

  • Renal mechanisms of fetal programming of hypertension
  • Mechanisms by which sex hormones contribute to sex differences in hypertension programmed by developmental insult
  • Mismatch of prenatal and postnatal nutrition on later cardiovascular risk
  • Mechansisms responsible for increased sensitivity to renal injury in low birth weight