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Tyler Lomax

Year: 3 PhD


Academic background

  • Graduated from Towson University in 2014 with a BS in biology and a minor in chemistry
  • Graduated from UMMC in 2016 with a MS in biomedical sciences

Research and personal statement

After receiving my baccalaureate, I decided to pursue a path that would ultimately lead to becoming a professor at a college institution. While deciding on my next course of action, I worked as an analytical chemist for a company that was developing/researching a new technique to synthesize therapeutic nanosolutions which would ultimately be used to cure diseases. The excitement of working in a laboratory with other scientists in an effort to develop something that could improve the livelihood of others solidified my interest in the field of research. It is my goal to generate a robust foundation that will benefit me in my future scientific endeavors. I believe that the program of Physiology and Biophysics here at UMMC is essential to achieving that goal.