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Merry Lindsey, PhD

Lindsey, Merry.jpg

Professor of Physiology and Medicine (Cardiology)
Director, Mississippi Center for Heart Research
Office: G351-04; (601) 815-1329
Lab: G364/74; (601) 984-1824 or (601) 815-0816

Areas of expertise

  • General: Cardiovascular physiology, proteomics

  • Specific: Inflammatory and fibrotic mechanisms in the pathogenesis of left ventricular remodeling following myocardial infarction; cardiac aging

Research methods

Matrix metalloproteinase assays, in vivo myocardial injury models (myocardial infarction by coronary artery litigation), murine cardiovascular function analyses, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, proteomics, histology, immunoblotting, fibroblast tissue culture, macrophage cell physiology assays.

Current projects

  • Identifying novel MMP substrates in post-MI tissues

  • Using omics strategies to identify novel extracellular matrix signaling pathways altered post-MI

  • Examining the roles of macrophages and fibroblasts in post-MI remodeling of the left ventricle

  • Determining the role of aging on the remodeling process

  • Discovering novel biomarkers of adverse left ventricular remodeling

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