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Lique M. Coolen, PhD

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Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology & Anatomical Sciences
Associate Dean, Postdoctoral Studies in the School of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences
Office: R617-01; (601) 815-8761


Areas of expertise

Our laboratory has three main objectives, each related to a different area of neuroscience research:

  • Spinal cord injury: To understand the mechanisms by which spinal cord injury affect urogenital and sexual function

  • Drug addiction: To understand the neurobiology of addiction and risk factors for vulnerability to develop addiction

  • Neuroendocrine function: To understand the neural circuits that mediate female reproductive function and dysfunction

Research methods

Our research utilizes a multidisciplinary approach by combining a diversity of techniques, including behavioral analysis, physiological recordings, pharmacological and genetic manipulations, cellular imaging, neuroanatomical techniques, confocal and light microscopic analyses, tissue clearing and optical imaging approaches, and molecular techniques.

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