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John Daseke


Year: 2 PhD


Academic background: Graduated from DePauw University with a BA in Biology.

Research and personal statement: In my time at DePauw, I had the opportunity to research mechanisms of inflammation resolution under Dr. Melissa Petreaca. I was then given the opportunity to write a research proposal examining the possibility of inflammation resolution caused by antidepressants. I was very fortunate to have mentors that pushed me to further my education at DePauw as well as after. This experience reaffirmed what I had known since I began to study biology at DePauw, that I was to further my education and continue to investigate mechanisms of disease. My dream is to be able to continue doing valuable and relevant research and to one day inspire young people the way that I was inspired. I believe the research being done at UMMC is exciting, valuable, and extremely relevant, and I am excited to be a part of it.