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Jeremy Duncan, PhD

Jeremy Duncan.jpgInstructor
Office: G451-01; (601) 985-1442

Areas of expertise

  • General: Neuroscience, vascular biology
  • Specific: Mechanisms of cerebrovascular dysfunction in placental ischemia, therapeutic targets for treatment of preeclampsia, role of lipids during pregnancy

Research methods

Measurement of blood pressure in rodents. Laser Doppler flowmetry for assessment of cerebrovascular function. Wire myography to examine vascular function ex vivo. Cell culture, viability, migration and invasion assays. Basic molecular techniques including protein isolation, PCR, immunoblotting, ELISA, cloning, transfection.

Current projects

  • Role of cytokines in mediating cerebrovascular dysfunction in placental ischemia
  • Mechanisms of lipid-induced uteroplacental dysfunction

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