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Bhavisha Bakrania, PhD

Bhavisha Bakrania.jpgInstructor
Office: G451-014; (601) 985-1442
Lab: G355

Areas of expertise

  • General: Renal and cardiovascular physiology
  • Specific: Cardiac structure and function, pregnancy-induced hypertension, mechanisms of pregnancy-induced cardiac dysfunction, therapeutic targets for treatment of preeclampsia

Research methods

Measurements of blood pressure in rodents. Instrumentation of animals to induce placental ischemia and preeclampsia-like phenotype. Speckle tracking technology and conventional methods for determination of in vivo cardiac structure, function and strain. Measurement of uterine artery resistance. Ex vivo Langendorff and working heart preparations. Use of wire myography to study vascular relaxation and reactivity. Cultured cytotrophoblasts and endothelial cells in addition to migration and invasion assays. Basic biochemical and molecular techniques including ELISA, PCR, immunoblotting, HPLC, protein expression and purification.

Current projects

  • Therapeutic targets for the treatment of preeclampsia
  • Consequences of preeclampsia on cardiac dysfunction and strain during pregnancy and postpartum¬†

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