Clinical Pathology

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The UMMC microbiology section of the laboratory is staffed by medical technologists and clinical laboratory scientists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department performs more than 120,000 cultures, organism identifications and susceptibility tests per year, including 28,800 blood cultures. In addition to standard bacteriology, the laboratory provides full-service diagnostic testing in mycology, mycobacteriology and parasitology.

The microbiology laboratory is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients as promptly as possible. Questions, concerns or comments are always appreciated. The direct number for the department is (601) 984-2358.

Section director        Lisa Stempak, MD
Lead technologistDamaris Alvarado, BS, MT (ASCP), Interim
Phone(601) 984-2880
TechnologistsBarbara Cook
Betty Anderson
Clarissa Watson
Damaris Alvarado
Jamie Miller 
Lavondia Brown
Regina Galloway
Kelly Lammons
Iliane Fonseca
Stephanie Aikens
Eric Leisure
Miranda Ward
Renee Singleton