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Combined Degree Opportunities

Residents in our program now have the option to complete one of several graduate degrees during their residency in lieu of their normal basic or clinical science research rotation. Our parent institution, the University of Mississippi, offers Master of Business Administration. The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation. This program emphasizes clinical trials, patient/outcome research and translational human studies. The University of Mississippi Medical Center also offers a Clinical Investigator Pathway to provide supplementary training in research to establish an academic career at UMMC that includes a clinical/translational research focus.

The Master of Business Administration is an online program which requires minimal if any on-site attendance. Tuition up to six hours for the spring, fall, and summer trimesters are free for residents. Applicable fees will be covered by the Department just as we would provide funding for research projects. Residents enrolling in one of these programs will be allowed to use their protected research and elective time to devote to completing this course work.

Admission to the program will be competitively determined by the admissions committee and will be evaluated on the quality of the science proposed, the commitment of the mentor to the career development of the candidate, and on the overall impact of the training program on the applicant's career development. There is currently no tuition charged for UMMC employees who enroll in the program.

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