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Board/Training Exam Results

Our program has a 100% board pass rate among its graduates. Our residents consistently score in the top 25% as a program on the annual training examination.

2016 results


Our otolaryngology residents scored between the 83rd and 93rd percentiles of all residency programs in the nation on this year's annual otolaryngology examination. Only 7 of 107 programs scored higher than our residents. We are extremely proud of their accomplishment and appreciate the hard work they put into preparing for this examination. The knowledge gained from this effort will help them provide high quality care to patients.

2015 results


The Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences congratulates our residents on their outstanding performance on the 2015 ABOto Inservice Exams. They have consistently scored in the top 10-20% of all residency programs in the nation, but this year, they are in the top 5 programs in the country, with only two programs scoring higher. The graph shows program averages and where our residents scored.