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Current Resident Research

Laura House, MD

  • Frontal Sinus Cell Types and Their Relationship to Frontal Sinus Disease
    • Faculty sponsor: Scott Stringer, MD
  • Pneumoparotitis
    • Presentation: Triological Society Combined Sections Meeting, 2014
    • Faculty sponsor: Andrea Lewis, MD
  • Delayed Complications of Cochlear Implants
    • Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Eby, MD

Kristen Pitts, MD

  • In Vitro Assay of Currently Available Hyaluronic Acid Soft Tissue Filler and Hyaluronidases
    • Faculty sponsor: J. Randall Jordan, MD

Erin Smith, MD

  • Cost Variation in Surgical Site Infection Prevention in Rhinology
    • Faculty sponsor: Scott Stringer, MD
  • Establishing Baseline Practice Regarding Perioperative Methods to reduce Surgical Site Infections in Rhinologic Surgery
    • Faculty sponsor: Scott Stringer, MD
    • Presentation: American Rhinologic Society Annual Meeting, 2014