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Better Hearing and Speech Month

faucette-sarah-web.jpgMeet Sarah Faucette, AuD, PhD


 How long have you been employed at UMMC; what is your sub-specialty and why did you choose this area to focus on?
"I have been with UMMC since September, 2017. I am a clinical research audiologist working with the Memory Impairment and Neurodegenerative Dementia (MIND) Center. My current project is investigating effects of hearing loss on cognition (memory and thinking abilities) in older adults. I also have an interest in speech understanding in noise in older adults. I was drawn to this area of research due to the unique needs of our older adult population."

What is one thing you wish your patients knew about audiology?
"We are more than just hearing aids! There are a lot of services that an audiologist can offer beyond fitting hearing aids. Hearing aids are a wonderful technology that can be extremely beneficial, however, patients often have other hearing difficulties and needs that we can support."

What is one thing you wish your patients knew about the importance of ENT health/early testing as it pertains to audiology?
"Hearing loss can lead to a decrease in social engagement, which is a known risk factor of dementia in older adults. Additionally, hearing loss demands extra cognitive (thinking-related) resources, which limits the cognitive resources that are available for memory and thinking. Treating hearing loss early-on, before these effects become evident, could lead to better outcomes as a patient ages."

Where did you get you education/degree from?
"I received both my AuD (clinical doctorate) and PhD (research doctorate) from East Carolina University in North Carolina."

Is there anything you would like for your patients to know about yourself?
"I am new to Mississippi- I moved here from Portland, Oregon. My family and I are enjoying exploring the area and the food!"