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Better Hearing and Speech Month


Audiologist Spotlight

Meet Mary Gunn Prewitt, AuD


 How long have you been employed at UMMC, and what is your sub-specialty?
"I have been employed at UMMC since 2015. I am a Pediatric Audiologist who specializes in diagnostic testing for children ages 6 months to 18 years old. I also help cover inpatient consults and I am a part of the Cranio-Facial and 22q Deletion Multidisciplinary Clinics."

What is one thing you wish your patients knew about audiology?
"I wish that people understood that healthy hearing habits are vital! There are so many factors that can affect your hearing such as noise and medications so if you think your hearing has changed it is good to have it checked to see. I always tell my patients it is better to air on the side of caution and everything be normal versus waiting and things not be normal in the long run."

What is one thing you wish your patients knew about the importance of ENT health/early testing as it pertains to audiology?
"I wish that my patients knew how crucial early identification is. I feel like many familiars are not aware of the impact a hearing loss can have on speech and language development. If a baby fails their newborn hearing screening immediate follow-up is key. Also, for children who pass their newborn hearing screening, but have risk factors for late onset hearing loss, extended follow-up may be necessary."

Where did you get you education/degree from?
"I received my Doctorate of Audiology (AuD) from The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas after completing a one year clinical externship at Eastern Oklahoma Ear, Nose, & Throat in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders from The University of Mississippi."

Is there anything you would like for your patients to know about yourself?
"My husband (Reed) and I recently got married on December 9th, 2017 in Oxford, MS. I am a lover of all things cat related and I have a Tabby Cat named Talley that I adopted from an animal shelter when I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also, I am a huge Memphis Grizzlies fan!"