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Career Opportunities

UMMC offers opportunities for rewarding careers working with medical professionals who are considered leaders in their field.

Pediatric audiologist


Diagnose and manage auditory disorders for pediatric population (0-21 years), with an emphasis on electrophysiological testing. Additional opportunities for research, and teaching.

Education, experience and licensure:

Doctorate degree in audiology, AuD or PhD from accredited program. Must have CCCs from ASHA or audiology board certification from American Academy of Audiology. Ability to obtain current Mississippi license required.


Perform high quality standard and specialized audiometric tests on children both inpatient and outpatient. Select and administer appropriate diagnostic procedures for each patient based on age and performance ability. Administer diagnostic auditory brainstem response tests to very young infants sedated and unsedated as well as in the neonatal intensive care unit. Analyze test results and counsel patients and families on results. Refer to appropriate medical entities when necessary. Appropriately refer or make recommendations for various amplification options. Evaluate and fit hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Evaluate and program cochlear implant devices. Appropriately manage outcomes of patients with amplification devices according to department policy and procedures. Generate effective patient documentation according to established hospital and department procedures, and other paperwork needed for patient care. Flexibility to work with various multi-disciplinary teams. Work with audiology students from outside universities and teach within clinical setting. Maintain current best practices through internal and external continuing education specific to areas of service. Facilitate learning and understanding in patients, caregivers, staff, students and community by providing education that is easily understood. Openly share knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge and skills:

Knowledge of pediatric audiology testing procedures, counseling, and patient management required. The ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing to inter-department colleagues, intra-department colleagues, and external colleagues of various medical, educational and other health related fields. Basic knowledge of computer skills and typical word processing applications as well as general office equipment. The ability to use and troubleshoot specialized equipment such as audiometers of various types, acoustic immittance bridges, auditory evoked potential units, hearing aid analyzers and fitting equipment, otoacoustic emissions devices, and drills. Effective interpersonal skills are required. Bilingual abilities desirable.

Interested applicants should send CV and letter of interest to Dr. Grace Sturdivant.

Otolaryngologist head and neck microvascular surgeon


The Department of Otolaryngology, UMMC, seeks a head and neck microvascular surgeon.

Education, experience and licensure:

MD or equivalent, completion of otolaryngology residency and fellowship in head and neck surgery.


Teaching, research, and patient care at our University Hospital and the adjacent Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Interested applicants should send CV and letter of interest to Dr. Scott Stringer.