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Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences Education

The Department of Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences is committed to educating the next generation of scientists and health care professionals. We use a combination of lecture, seminars and laboratory courses to educate students from across UMMC. We offer degree programs in clinical anatomy and participate UMMC's multidisciplinary PhD program in neuroscience.

The clinical anatomy program offers a PhD degree aimed at training the next generation of educators and scholars in the field. This program is intended to train professionals to become master educators in anatomy, qualified to communicate anatomical knowledge to future personnel in the health professions.

Students with this degree will have a distinctive background and strong communication skills that will also position them well for applications to dentistry, medicine and other health sciences programs. The PhD program will, in addition, train students to teach at the postgraduate level and to do research in clinical anatomy or the teaching of anatomy.

The Program in Neuroscience (PIN) is a course of study leading to a PhD degree. It is an interdepartmental degree program with collaborating faculty from basic and clinical departments, including our own as well as psychiatry and human behavior, neurology and neurosurgery. The objectives for the program in neuroscience are to educate and train individuals to become independent research investigators, teachers and mentors with a broad understanding of the neurosciences as well as focused training within a subset of the areas of study which comprise neuroscience. These objectives apply whether the individual’s ultimate career goal is to work in academic, government, industrial or administrative settings.

In addition to these degree program, our department teaches neurobiology and anatomy courses to medical, dental and other health professional students.