Graduate Program in Clinical Anatomy

MS Plan of Study - Clinical Anatomy

Year 1, Fall
ANAT 701Fundamental Microscopic & Developmental Anatomy6
ANAT 711Gross Anatomy †12
Year 1, Spring
ANAT 715Neurobiology †6
ANAT 742Introduction to Problems in Clinical Anatomy2
ID 715Teaching in Higher Education3
Year 1, Summer
ANAT 745Clinical Anatomy Research Project9
Year 2, Fall
ANAT 743Skills Development in Clinical Anatomy I1
ANAT 745Clinical Anatomy Research Project*
Year 2, Spring
ANAT 744Skills Development in Clinical Anatomy II1
ANAT 745Clinical Anatomy Research Project*
Electives (two of the four are required in Year 2)
ANAT 730Teaching Practicum in Gross Anatomy (fall)6
ANAT 731Teaching Practicum in Histology and Cell Biology (fall and spring, 2-1)***3
ANAT 733Teaching Practicum in Neurobiology (spring)3
PHYSIO 725Foundational Physiology (fall and spring, 4-4)***8

† These courses include the national subject exams (NBME exams).

* Number of hours for the research project is at least 1, and sufficient to ensure the student is enrolled full time.

** Electives are selected from the list above. Semester hours depend on the elective selected.

*** Number in parentheses indicate approximate credit hours of work in each semester. For ANAT 731, registration is for 3 hours in fall, but course extends through spring. For PHYSIO 725, registration is for 4 hours in fall and in spring.