Graduate Program in Clinical Anatomy

Graduate Program in Clinical Anatomy

The Program in Clinical Anatomy offers a MS in Clinical Anatomy and a Clinical Anatomy track in its PhD program, both of which are training the next generation of educators and scholars in the field.

Both these programs are intended to train professionals to become master educators in anatomy, qualified to communicate anatomical knowledge to future personnel in the health professions. Students will learn the anatomical disciplines of Human Gross Anatomy, Histology (microanatomy), Neuroanatomy and Embryology, and will be trained in pedagogical skills. Masters students will be exposed to the clinical application of anatomy and will obtain research experience related to clinical anatomy or anatomy pedagogy. Doctoral students who successfully pass their qualifying examinations will do a dissertation project either in the pedagogical methods of teaching anatomy, which may include the development of new methods, or in the clinical applications of anatomy.

Upon graduation, students with master's degrees will be prepared to teach anatomy in a variety of environments including community colleges and other undergraduate institutions, and secondary schools. Students with this degree will have a distinctive background, including strong communication skills, that will also position them well for applications to professional schools such as those of Dentistry, Medicine and other Health Sciences.

The PhD program will, in addition, train students to teach at the postgraduate level and to do research in Clinical Anatomy or the teaching of Anatomy.

The graduate studies program of the department also offers courses for students working toward a master's degree in biomedical science who desire a concentration in the anatomical sciences.