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Yuefeng "Jordan" Lu, MD, PhD

lu,-jordan.jpgAssistant Professor
Office: R735
(601) 984-1645
Fax: (601) 984-1655


  • MD - Henan Medical University, 1996
  • PhD - University of Mississippi Medical Center, 2008

Research interests

  • Network processing of information, especially the serotonin and norepinephrine systems
  • Educational research, especially learning efficiency and curriculum reform

Selected publications

*In last four years

  • YF Lu, ML Conway. Improving academic performance using an innovative cranial-nerve table. (2019) Med. Sci. Educ. In press.
  • YF Lu, AJ Notebaert. The impact of the summer pre-matriculation program on students’ approaches to studying in gross anatomy course. (2018) Med. Sci. Educ. 28:57-64.
  • YF Lu, J Lynch. Self-retrieval practice of cranial nerve learning in gross anatomy course. (2017) Med. Sci. Educ. 27:745-752.
  • YF Lu, J Lynch. Are clinical vignette questions harder than traditional questions in gross anatomy course? (2017) Med. Sci. Educ. 27:723-728.
  • Xiaoming Zhou, Y.F. Lu, Ryan D. Darling, Kimberly L. Simpson, Xiaoqing Zhu, Fang Wang, Liping Yu, Xinde Sun, Michael M. Merzeniche and Rick C.S. Lin. Behavioral training reverses global cortical network dysfunction induced by perinatal antidepressant exposure. (2015). PNAS. 112 (7): 2233-2238.

Recent abstracts

  • YF Lu, S Warren, NP Wang, ML Conway. Table-leader practice in the Gross Anatomy laboratory and its academic impact. SGEA Regional Meeting, Abst. 406974. 2018.
  • YF. Lu;  ML. Conway; AR. Sinning; JC. Lynch; MN. Lehman. Are Clinical Vignette Questions Harder Than Traditional Questions in Gross Anatomy Course? Experimental Biology, Abst. 690.5/D216. 2015.
  •  R. Darling, Andrew J Notebaert, YF. Lu, M.L. Conway, A. Maklad, A.R. Sinning. Assessing organizational changes to a first-year medical gross anatomy dissection course. Experimental Biology, Abst. 551.4/D288. 2015.