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John Bickle, PhD

bickle,-john.jpgProfessor of Philosophy, Mississippi State University
Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Mississippi State University
Fellow, Institute for Imaging and Analytical Technologies
Email: bickle@philrel.msstate.edu


  • BA - Philosophy, Psychobiology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1983
  • PhD - Philosophy (philosophy of science, concentration: neuroscience), University of California, Irvine, 1989

Research interests

  • Philosophy of neuroscience, scientific reductionism, cellular and molecular mechanisms of cognition and consciousness

Current research

My current research projects include: development of research maps for systematizing research findings pertaining to specific neurobiological hypotheses, with the aim of planning more efficient neurobiological research programs; explicating the role that experimental tool development plays in major breakthroughs ("revolutions") in neuroscience; the nature of causal-mechanical explanation in cellular and molecular neuroscience, and comparisons/contrasts with explanations in cognitive/systems/behavioral neuroscience; cellular and molecular mechanisms of social memory and human creativity.

Recent publications


  • Personalized psychiatry and scientific causal explanation: Two models. (Co-author Aaron Kostko). In Serife Teken and Jeffrey Poland (eds.), Extraordinary Science. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, forthcoming 2015.
  • Little-e eliminativism in current molecular neuroscience: Tensions for neuro-normativity. In Charles Wolf (ed.), Brain Theory, Pelgrave-Macmillan, New York, 2014, 134-148.
  • Marr and Reductionism, TopiCS (Topics in Cognitive Sciences) 7, 2015, 299-311.