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Harry Pantazopoulos, PhD

Harry PantazopoulosAssistant Professor
Office: TRC, Room 407
(6010 815-7983

Research interests

The research of the Pantazopoulos lab is focused on identifying the neuropathological correlates of circadian rhythm and sleep dysfunction in major psychoses, which we pursue using a combination of human postmortem and animal model approaches. Our long-term research goal is to develop a foundation of changes in neurocircuitry regulating circadian rhythm abnormalities associated with mood disturbances in several diseases including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia that we can leverage to develop more effective treatments. In addition, we aim to identify basic biological mechanisms that will provide insight into how clock genes regulate neural functions in a brain region specific manner, linked to specific behaviors.

Additional lab projects consist of extracellular matrix abnormalities in schizophrenia, as well as studies focused on sleep designed to elucidate the role of extracellular matrix molecules, including perineuronal nets, in sleep and memory consolidation.

Recent publications

* In the last four years