Dongmei Cui, MD (hon), PhD

Assistant Professor
Office: N710-A
(601) 984-1659; fax: (601) 984-1655
Lab: N711
Email: dcui@umc.edu

Research interests

  • Computer-generated 3D virtual models for anatomy education
  • Visualization of computed tomography angiography stereoscopic vascular models
  • Evaluation of 3D teaching tool in classroom setting for anatomy education

Current research

The long-term goal of the Clinical Anatomy Research and Scholarship Laboratory (3D virtual Anatomy Lab -N711) is to develop new innovative teaching tools that enhance the acquisition of anatomical knowledge and its clinical applications in medicine, dentistry, nursing and other health science fields.

We have established a virtual anatomy laboratory for creating 3D virtual stereoscopic models. Using Amira software, the models we created can be presented and displayed through a stereoscopic projection system. This stereoscopic projection system is consisted of a silver screen and two high-definition projectors. Students wear polarized 3D glasses and sit in a small theater-like classroom with a dark or dimly lighted background. Our reconstructed 3D virtual models can be rotated 360 degrees in all axes, and can be zoomed in and zoomed out. Structures presented in the stereoscopic 3D mode appear floating in the center of the room in front of the viewers, similar to watching a 3D movie in a theater.

Current publications

*In last four years

  • Cui, D., Lynch, J.C., Smith, A.D., Wilson, T.D., and Lehman M.N. 2015. Stereoscopic vascular models of the head and neck: a CT angiography (CTA) visualization. Anatomical Sciences Education, Article first published online: 30 APR 2015, DOI: 10.1002/ase.1537

Selected abstracts

  • Chen, J., Pavlov, A.K., Smith, A.D., Sinning, A.R., Conway, M.L., and Cui, D. Creating 3D Virtual Models from CT and MRI for Anatomy Education. FASEB J April 2014 28:923.2
  • Pavlov, A.K., Chen, J., Yang, T., Lynch, J.C., and, Cui, D. Using the Amira software to Reconstruct a 3D Kidney Model. FASEB J. April 2014 28:LB25
  • Cui, D., Chen, J., Marchant, T.C., Mccarty, J.T., Thaggard, A.L., and Smith, A.D. Building 3D Virtual Models of Common Anatomic Variants and Pathologic Conditions of the Head and Neck for Teaching Clinical Anatomy. Annals of anatomy. 2014; Volume 196:17
  • Cui, D., Smith, A.D., Lynch, J.C., and Lehman, M.N. Creating 3D Virtual Anatomic Models of Vasculature and Skull from Computed Tomography Arteriograms. FASEB J April 2015 29:692.11