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Audra Schaefer, PhD

Audra Schaefer

Assistant Professor
Office: R715
(601) 815-1914  


  • Indiana University – PhD, Anatomy & Cell Biology (2013)
  • Indiana University – MPH, Public Health (2009)
  • Wartburg College – BS, Biology (2007)

Research interests

My research has recently focused on self-directed learning of medical students, as well as mindset and stress of medical students and its relationship to academic success in medical school. I’ve recently begun to focus on the training of anatomy educators, investigating the perceived need for an anatomy educator postdoctoral experience and the current supply of qualified anatomists to fulfill job openings. Moving forward I’m interested in continuing to investigate various aspects of faculty development, including topics such as mentorship, impostor syndrome, and metacognitive instruction.

Selected publications

  • Wilson, A.B. Notebaert, A.J., Schaefer, A.F., Moxham, B.J., Stephens, S., Mueller, C. Lazarus, M.D., Katrikh, A., Brooks, W.S. (accepted) An international look at the anatomy educator job market: anatomists remain in short supply. Anat. Sci. Educ.
  • Husmann, P.R., Hoffman, L.A., Schaefer, A.F. (2018). Unique terms or are we splitting hairs? Clarification of self-directed versus self-regulated learning and related terms. Medical Science Educator 28(4): 777-783.
  • Schaefer, A.F., Wilson, A.B., Barger, J.B., Azim, H.M., Brokaw, J.J., and Brooks, W.S. (2018). What does a modern anatomist look like? Current trends in the training of anatomy educators. Anat. Sci. Educ. DOI: 10.1002/ase.1806
  • Pergola, M., Britson, C., Schaefer, A. (2017). Oxygen saturation during a simulation dive response: development of a protocol for an undergraduate physiology laboratory. HAPS Educator 21: 48-59.
  • Hull, K., Wilson, S., Hopp, R., Schaefer, A. & J. Jackson. (2016). Determinants of student success in anatomy and physiology: do prerequisite courses matter? HAPS Educator 20(2): 38-45.
  • Husmann, P., Barger, JB & AF Schutte. (2016). Study skills in anatomy and physiology: is there a difference? Anatomical Sciences Education, 9(1): 18-27
  • Schutte, A. (2016). Who is repeating anatomy? Trends in an undergraduate anatomy course. Anatomical Sciences Education, 9(2): 171-178.