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Andrew Notebaert, PhD

notebaert,-andrew-web.jpgAssistant Professor
Office: R709


  • University of Iowa – PhD, Science Education (2009)
  • University of Iowa – MS, Exercise Science (2000)
  • State University of New York at Buffalo – BS, Exercise Science (1999)

Research interests

My research focuses on student learning and assessment in anatomical education and more broadly, in medical education. I’m particularly interested in the perceptions that students have about medical school prior to enrolling, while at medical school, and after they have graduated. I’m also interested in item analysis of exam questions and the effectiveness of including visual reference materials (pictures, drawings, medical images etc.).

Selected publications

*In last four years


  • Klender S, Ferriby A, Notebaert A. Differences in Item Statistics Between Positively and Negatively Worded Stems on Histology Examinations. HAPS Educator. 2019; 23: 476-486
  • Klender S, Notebaert A. The Value of Traditional Lecture in Medical Gross Anatomy: Student Perceptions and Performance. HAPS Educator. 2019; 23 (1): 45-52
  • Williams SR, Thompson KL, Notebaert AJ, Sinning AR. Prosection or Dissection: Which is Best for Teaching the Anatomy of the Hand and Foot? Anatomical sciences education, 2019 Mar;12(2):173-180. https://doi.org/10.1002/ase.1808
  • Wilson AB, Notebaert AJ, Schaefer AF, Moxham BJ, Stephens S, Mueller C, Lazarus MD, Katrikh AZ, Brooks WS. A Look at the Anatomy Educator Job Market: Anatomists Remain in Short Supply. Anatomical sciences education, 2018, 13: 91-101. https://doi.org/10.1002/ase.1895 
  • Robertson EM, Thompson KL, Notebaert AJ. Perceived Benefits of Anatomy Coursework Prior to Medical and Dental School. Anatomical sciences education, 2019 Apr 4; https://doi.org/10.1002/ase.1882
  • Meyer ER, Williams S, Conway M, Notebaert A. (2018). Kids in the gross anatomy lab: How an outreach program in anatomy educates high school and undergraduate students about health care. HAPS Educator, 22(3), 262-267. https://doi.org/10.21692/haps.2018.031
  • Notebaert A, Barnard M, Meyer E, Dehon E, Compretta C, Allen III D, Stray S, Taylor J, Sullivan D. Rockhold R. Science Teaching Excites Medical Interest: A Teacher Professional Development Program in Mississippi. Journal of STEM Outreach, 2018, Vol 1.
  • Notebaert AJ. The effect of images on item statistics in multiple choice anatomy examinations. Anatomical Sciences Education, 2017 Jan;10(1):68-78. https://doi.org/10.1002/ase.1637
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