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Current Graduate Students


Laura Blackmon
Research mentor:
 Eva Bengten
Research focus: The roles of channel catfish activating and inhibitory Leukocyte Immune Types Receptors (LITRs) in cytotoxic cell target recognition
Room: R-518
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Tougaloo College


Haley Pipkins
Research mentor: Larry McDaniel
Research focus: Virulence determinants of nonencapsulated Streptococcus pneumoniae and the consequences of intra-species genetic exchange
Room: N620-20
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, William Carey University


David Spencer
Research mentor: Melanie Wilson
Research focus: The dynamics of cytotoxic T cell memory cell activation and exhaustion in channel catfish
Room: R-518
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Belhaven University

bradshaw,-jessica00.jpgJessica Bradshaw
Research mentor: Larry McDaniel
Research focus: Impact of oligopeptide binding proteins AliC and AliD on nonencapsulated Streptococcus pneumonia physiology and virulence
Room: N620-02
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Oklahoma State University
hollis,-angela.pngAngela Benton
Research mentor: Mary Marquart
Research Focus: Genetic and Metabolic Factors Impacting Intraocular Growth of Streptococcus pneumonia
Room: N638
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Mississippi State University; MS, Mississippi College
jackson,-mary-darby-matthews.jpgMary Darby Jackson
Research mentor: Brian Akerley
Research focus: Immune evasion strategies utilized by nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi)
Room: N637 or N638
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Mississippi State University
crider,-jonathan-retook1.jpgJonathan Crider
Research mentor: Eva Bengten
Research focus: Catfish Leukocyte Immune Type Receptors - genes and regulation
Room: R-518
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Harding University
mitra,-dipanwita-jan-2017-.jpgDipawita Mitra
Research mentor: Ritesh Tandon
Research focus: Aspects of human cytomegalovirus maturation
Room: R-516
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, University of Calcutta, India; MS, University of Calcutta, India
breland,-brenton-20170807-01.jpgBrent Breland
Research mentor: TBD
Research focus: TBD
Room: N-535
Undergraduate/graduate degree: BS, Mississippi College
rafiqullah,-iftekhar-20170807-01.jpgIftekhar Rafiqullah
Research mentor: TBD
Research focus: TBD
Room: N-535
Undergraduate/graduate degree:  BS, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; MS, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh