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Research Activities

The University of Mississippi Medical Center understands that leadership in medical education is inexorably linked to the advancement of medical knowledge. Toward this end, research in the Department of Medicine has enjoyed explosive growth over the last decade. Among the currently funded projects is the multicenter heart disease risk factor study "ARIC" (which has brought $13 million to the medical center) and the Jackson Heart Study, which is expected to provide a cohort equal to or exceeding the number involved in the Framingham studies, but reflecting the different patient demographics of the Deep South.

Research in the Department of Medicine is greatly enhanced by close cooperation with the medical center's Department of Physiology and Biophysics. Under the leadership of the man generally regarded as the world's most respected physiologist, Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, the grant for "Cardiovascular Dynamics and their Control" has become what is believed to be the longest running continuously funded grant in the history of the National Institutes of Health.

To encourage house staff research, individual mentors are available to help nurture specific individuals' interests. Residents receive ample exposure to new and exciting developments in medicine, not only from individual daily interactions with faculty, but also through regularly scheduled Research Conferences in which investigators discuss their work.

We have many opportunities for research training and experienced researchers available to our housestaff.