About Division of Nephrology

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The mission of the Division of Nephrology at UMMC is threefold:

Clinical care

  • To deliver cutting-edge and compassionate care for patients with all types of kidney disease as well as to provide care to patients who have received a kidney transplant.


We are the state's only nephrology fellowship training program. Our goals are:

  • To teach the nephrologists of tomorrow for the state of Mississippi.
  • To support and guide education for the state's nephrologists, primary care physicians and other health care professionals that provide caring for patients with kidney diseases.
  • To provide objective information, education and guidance to patients with kidney disease.


  • Improve the understanding of the nature and treatment of kidney disease through basic science and clinical research, as well as through translational research (research that takes the discoveries made in basic science and applies them to clinical care).

It is essential to note that support the from the Bower Foundation's Endowment has been instrumental in facilitating the Division of Nephrology to further advance its mission. For more information regarding the Bower Foundation and the physician it is named after, click here.