Clinical Research Program

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About Our Studies

Mississippi leads the nation in cardiovascular diseases; therefore, our focus is on hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. However, our research also includes studies of oral diseases, fungal infections, dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal diseases, and allergy and immunology.

Before committing to conduct a study, we carefully review protocols to ensure patient safety. As a research facility, our goal is to research new medications, but as study staff, our goal is to help patients lead healthier lives by educating them about their disease while investigating new treatments.

Our research studies may take anywhere from six months to six years to complete. Visit intervals vary from study to study, but are typically two weeks apart. Most of our studies do not provide monetary compensation; however, visits, including physical exams, laboratory tests and study medication, do not cost participants anything other than their time.

FeelĀ free to discuss any questions with your health care provider.