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Davis, Ashton B., MD

Davis, Ashton B., MD
Program: Preliminary Interns
Year: PGY I
Hometown: Rolling Fork, MS
Medical School: University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Biography Information
Family: Blake (husband); Aiden (son); Coal (kitty cat)
Fun fact: I just had a baby!

Humanism is: “Humanism in medicine to me is when I go in early each morning to see my patient who just underwent a complicated whipple procedure not just to briefly check in on her to see if she has met the usual post-op milestones to meet criteria for discharge, but to see how she is doing as a human being; how she is coping with having to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time away from home, family and the junior college cheer squad she coaches; about her visit with her children who came by the previous afternoon; if she enjoyed being able to eat her favorite soup from McAlister’s now that the NG tube is out and she is tolerating PO intake; how she enjoyed finally being able to get out of bed to take a shower, wash her hair, put on some makeup, and get into her own comfy PJs instead of that generic hospital gown; all the questions that connect us with our patients at the basic human level.

"Humanism to me is treating my patients like the humans they are; the grandmother, mother, daughter, sister and friend that she is, not just the patient with pancreatic carcinoma post-op day 9 from a whipple procedure.

"Humanism is a vital part of medicine and medical care that is so easily forgotten when the list is a mile long and you have so many other patients to see before rounds later that morning. However, we must strive to remind ourselves each day that the patient has just as much of a life outside of the hospital as we do, and that it is OK to connect with our patients on a deeper level!”

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