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Rodrigo O. Maranon, MD, PhD


Assistant Professor
Office: R331
Office: (601) 815-5824

As a medical student, Dr. Maranon demonstrated a great interest in scientific research. He joined the Department of Physiology in the laboratory of Dr. Maria Peral de Bruno on the recommendation of Dr. Alfredo Coviello, where he began his studies on hypertension. Beginning as a Fellow of the Council of Research of the National University of Tucuman, he received his medical degree in 2007 and also received the Initiation Fellowship in Research and Doctoral Fellowship in Research. In 2008, Dr. Maranon began his teaching career as a teacher of Physiology in the Medical School of National University of Tucuman. He completed his PhD in Biological Science in 2010, marking his future in research.

Currently, Dr. Maranon is a trained physician and scientist with research interests in sex differences in renal and cardiovascular physiology. Over the past several years he has been studying a model of hyperandrogenemia in female rats that mimic the phenotype of polycystic ovary syndrome in women. In the present proposal, Dr. Maranon is combining his interest in sex differences and his research in the hyperandrogenemic female rat to study the consequences of pregnancy and the renal and cardiovascular consequences of this adverse, hyperandrogenemic pregnancy on the male and female adult offspring with the goal to determine mechanisms that contribute to the elevated blood pressure and renal injury in the offspring.