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Radhika Pochampally, PhD


Associate Professor
Office: G663
Office: (601) 815-6802

I have been trained in field of molecular biology, focusing on P53 under the mentorship of Dr. Jiandong Chen, who trained with Dr. Arnold Levine’s post doctoral fellow. Further, my postdoctoral training was on cell biology under the tutelage of Dr. Darwin Prockop (a pioneer in the field of adult stem cell biology and a member of NAS).

As an independent investigator my focus was to integrate the excellent training to understand the stromal supportive properties of Mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow in solid tumors. I have a broad background in adult stem cells and cancer biology, with specific training and expertise in key research areas for this application.

As a director for stem cell core at Tulane University and UMMC, I have provided support to several nvestigators in experimental design and technical support for cancer stem cell and normal stem cell biology. I am particularly excited by the current project, which would incorporate a metabolic reprogamming concept, in the context of tumor initiating cells of osteosarcoma. In addition, I successfully administered the projects (e.g. staffing, research protections, budget), collaborated with other researchers, and produced several peer-reviewed publications from each project and they are highly cited by the peers (400 and above citations).

As a result of these previous experiences, I am aware of the importance of frequent communication among project members and of constructing a realistic research plan, timeline, and budget. In summary, I have a demonstrated record of successful and productive research projects in an area of high relevance for cancer biology, and my expertise and experience have prepared me to lead the proposed project. I have been an active contributor to the field of cancer and stem cell biology over past 15 years as reflected by 56 articles published in high impact journals, 4 book chapters and several abstracts.