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Combined MD-PhD Program

The MD/PhD program is offered to highly qualified students by the School of Medicine in collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. The program is designed primarily to train physician scientists who seek a professional career combining clinical skills and research.

For this combined program, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy is offered in the health sciences programs. Students interested in pursuing the MD/PhD program must complete all medical school application materials. In addition, applicants must:

  • Complete the MD/PhD Motivation and Significant Research essays in their AMCAS application, describing all relevant research experience and research presentations;
  • Submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores;
  • Submit at least one supplemental faculty letters of evaluation from someone able to evaluate the applicant's research potential.
  • Adhere to Regular Decision Program deadlines.

Applicants to this combined degree program must be sequentially accepted for admission by the admissions committees of both the School of Medicine and School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences.

The MD/PhD program is a seven-year program. During the first three years, the student is enrolled respectively in the freshman, sophomore and junior medical courses/clerkships. For the following three years, the student is enrolled in courses required by a relevant graduate program in the biomedical sciences, which are listed under the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, and performs independent scientific research leading to the successful defense of a PhD. dissertation. During the final year, the student is enrolled in senior medical courses.

A limited number of stipends are available for students enrolled in this combined degree program. Competitive scholarships may also be available which offer a waiver of both medical and graduate school tuition.

It is also possible for first- or second-year medical students not currently in the MD/PhD program to pursue an MD/PhD degree. Interested students should contact the graduate program director of a specific program about the possibility of pursuing a PhD degree in that program before applying to graduate school