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LearnTrax is an internal faculty development resource site for the School of Medicine's Office of Medical Education. We are here to partner with teaching faculty to support best practice teaching and learning experiences of our medical students as they develop into self-directed, lifelong learners. This partnership provides for individual or departmental faculty development support for very important elements of the curriculum, such as:

  • Development of course, session, and learner objectives that best articulate the desired outcomes of the courses;
  • Alignment of syllabi with course objectives and School of Medicine Objectives, reflected in the curriculum map;
  • Curriculum mapping, connecting School of Medicine objectives to course and session objectives, assessments, teaching methods, keywords and resources - per the mandates of LCME;
  • Exploration and utilization of teaching and learning engagement strategies that stimulate learner curiosity and the need for sustained, self-directed learning skills; 
  • Development and utilization of formative and summative assessments that provide definitive feedback to students about their learning
  • Utilization of feedback strategies that inform students' academic and professional development and self-directed learning;
  • Support in meeting the expectations of LCME Element 6.3 - Self-Directed and Life-Long Learning: "The faculty of a medical school ensure that the medical curriculum includes self-directed learning experiences and time for independent study to allow medical students to develop the skills of lifelong learning. Self-directed learning involves medical students’ self-assessment of learning needs; independent identification, analysis, and synthesis of relevant information; and appraisal of the credibility of information sources." 

LearnTrax faculty development resources are available internally for UMMC faculty and staff on the UMMC Intranet. Visit the 'Office of Medical Education' intranet home page, then select 'LearnTrax' to explore all of the self-directed learning experiences we offer.