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Research Areas

Areas of research within the School of Dentistry's Department of Biomedical Materials Science include, but are not limited to:


  • Device biomechanics
  • Orthopedic and dental

Material durability

  • Corrosion fatigue
  • Failure analysis
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Wear evaluation


  • Partnering with primary metals suppliers

Standards development

  • ASTM and ISO

Faculty research interests

Yuanyuan Duan

  • Fatigue testing for dental implants
  • Finite element analysis and virtual surgical planning
  • Periodontal tissue regeneration
  • Nanofiber technology

Jason Griggs

  • Design optimization
  • Failure analysis
  • Finite element computer modeling
  • Mechanical properties of materials
  • Statistical design of fatigue experiments

Amol Janorkar

  • Drug delivery
  • In vitro tissue models
  • Polymeric biomaterials
  • Tissue engineering

Michael Roach

  • Characterization of novel implant materials
  • Electrochemical evaluation of metallic implant materials
  • Failure analysis of implant retrievals and test samples
  • Surface modification of oxides on titanium implant materials

Susana Salazar Marocho

  • Characterization of ceramic structures
  • Development of new approaches for bonding dental ceramic structures in clinical complex settings
  • Laser-aided debonding strategies for ceramics
  • Mechanical behavior of ceramic materials
  • Fracture analysis of dental restorative materials (in vitro¬†and clinically failed prostheses)

R. Scott Williamson

  • Electrochemical surface modification of titanium implant materials
  • Characterization of metallic implant materials
  • Failure analysis of metallic implant retrievals and test samples