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Office of the Dean

Dean David FeltonGreetings from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, one of six health professional schools at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in the state capitol of Jackson.

Dentistry remains one of the most respected professions, and young men and women are seeking to enter dental schools in increasing numbers each year. Our dental student body represents an accomplished and diverse group of talented individuals from cities, towns and communities throughout our state. Our dental residents come from across the country.

Our school and campus represent a leading site for the delivery of state-of-the-art dental care in Mississippi, provided by student, resident and faculty doctors.

This web site contains information on each of our educational programs, programs for patient care, and on innovative world-class research currently being conducted by our faculty. We hope you will find the information you need somewhere on this site. If not, please feel free to contact my office, and we will assist you. The faculty, staff, residents and students at the School of Dentistry are dedicated to our primary mission of meeting the oral and maxillofacial health needs of Mississippi.

David A. Felton, DDS, MS
Dean, School of Dentistry