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Thanks to the Dental Mission Week Sponsors and Team

Dental Mission Week, 2021
Thanks to our Dental Mission Week Team and Sponsors 

April 23, 2021 

To our Dental Mission Week Team:

The School of Dentistry (SOD) has successfully concluded our 5th annual UMMC Dental Mission Week (DMW) for 2021. Thank you for your hard work, compassion, and support during Dental Mission Week 2021. With the help of each of you, we met our greater purpose of serving those in need. We are happy to say that we provided improved smiles and comfort to approximately 377 veterans and citizens, performed 1,118 dental procedures and provided nearly $203,579 in uncompensated (free) dental care during the three (3) days of service that week. Our welcoming safe atmosphere provided comfort and reassurance that we would provide the best care for our patients. Each of you should be extremely proud of our collective accomplishments especially during these unprecedented times. 

To our Dental Mission Week Sponsors: 

The School of Dentistry could not do what it does for Dental Mission Week without the generous support of a caring community. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for you and your support. Although there were barriers and financial hardships placed on many, we had adequate supplies, materials and staffing in all areas where care was given to patients. If you provided meals for our faculty, staff, and students, thank you for a wonderful menu. The following were our supporters for DMW 2021: 

  • Adec, Inc. 
  • Blackburn Dental Laboratory  
  • Brasseler USA 
  • Broad Street Baking Company  
  • Brown Bottling Group, Inc. 
  • Chaney Family Dental (Dr. Martin V. Chaney) 
  • Chickasaw Dental Group LLC (Dr. Teena Horn) 
  • Clark Beverage Group, Inc 
  • Dr. Ali B. Bounds 
  • Dr. Angela Filzen 
  • Dr. Barbara B. Mauldin 
  • Dr. Daniel Quon 
  • Dr. Elizabeth O. Carr 
  • Dr. George W. May 
  • Mrs. Hope M. Andy 
  • Dr. Hunter O. Slater 
  • Dr. James A. Bounds  
  • Dr. Joseph S. Young 
  • Dr. Kristin F. Nalls 
  • Dr. Lane G. Clower 
  • Dr. Priscilla G. Jolly 
  • Dr. Roger S. Wirtz 
  • Dr. Sheila and Mr. Fletcher Henderson 
  • Dr. Shelley W. McDonald 
  • Dr. Sherry R. Gwin 
  • GlaxoSmithKline (Mr. Cyril Palacio) 
  • Jackson Communications 
  • MDHS Department of Dental and Oral Health Mississippi 
  • Mississippi Association of Women Dentists  
  • Mississippi Dental Association 
  • Mississippi Dental Association District I  
  • Mississippi Dental Association District II  
  • Mississippi Dental Association District IV  
  • Mississippi Dental Hygienists Association  
  • Mississippi Federal Credit Union 
  • North Mississippi Orthodontic Associates, PA 
  • Oral & Facial Surgery Center, PA (Dr. John Roberson) 
  • Origin Bank 
  • South Mississippi Endodontics PA (Dr. Craig Anderson) 
  • Team Dental (Dr. Ricardo Lemus)  
  • Whip Mix 

Since the conclusion of Dental Mission Week, the School of Dentistry has received many expressions of heart felt gratitude for a job well-done from patients, UMMC faculty, staff, and students, as well as from the surrounding community. We certainly look forward to serving them again in our 6th Annual Dental Mission Week, tentatively scheduled for February 7-11, 2022. It is our hope that each of you will continue to support the School of Dentistry in this effort, as well as bring smiles to those who deserve it most. And again, thank you for your generous support of Dental Mission Week 2021. 

Best Regards, 

Sree Koka, DDS, MS, PhD, MBA 
Dean and Professor 
University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry 

Melody H. Longino, MHSA  
Project Manager I  
Department of Clinical Affairs School of Dentistry