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Master of Health Sciences - Online

The Master of Health Sciences program offers an advanced educational opportunity in health care leadership. It is designed to provide graduates an opportunity to assume upper-level managerial and leadership roles within the health care delivery system.

Students may be admitted in the summer semester. Students who successfully complete two three-hour courses per semester can generally expect to complete the program in two years.

Program overview

The Health Sciences program is designed for but not limited to, part-time, non-traditional students. Students may be admitted in the summer semester. The application deadline for the summer admission period is March 1.

Courses are offered based on the schedule by year. Online instruction is the primary method of content delivery with minimal face-to-face mandatory on-campus sessions. Currently, students are required to attend campus for 2 events: orientation and capstone presentations.

Due to the specialized content of the program and the close working relationship between faculty and students, an on-site orientation will be required. The orientation will be conducted at the beginning of the student's first term.

The Health Sciences graduate will:

  • Understand the broad implications of the present health care system in relation to the past and future of health care delivery.
  • Examine the impact of social, economic, legal and political factors on the health care system.
  • Communicate with conciseness and clarity using the standard conventions of written English, public speaking, and medical terminology.
  • Apply research skills to gather, assess, and communicate relevant information and reference material.
  • Apply leadership, management, and learning theories to the planning, implementation, and assessment of health care delivery.
  • Apply critical thinking and analysis to interpret information, understand and define a problem, consider different points of view, reach supported conclusions.

It is expected that graduate students gain advanced level knowledge and demonstrate forward-thinking decision-making skills, based on these competencies.

Students from outside of Mississippi are encouraged to apply. There are no out-of-state tuition fees associated with this degree program.

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