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Master of Health Informatics and Information Management Application Instructions

The application, application fee, all support documents and all current transcripts should be received in the Office of Student Records and Registrar by May 15 each year.  

Please read the following instructions carefully prior to completing your application to the Master of Health Informatics and Information Management program. You may want to print a copy for reference as you complete the online application.

  • Application must be submitted online.
  • Once you have read the instructions, you may follow the link from the HIIM website to apply. Or, you may go to, scroll down to Academics, then click Apply Now in the list. (The Admissions Application page will open in a new window; click on the Start Application button. Once inside the application, select School of Health Related Professions as your area of interest, the Master's in HIIM as your program, and your desired track).
  • Specific instructions for completing and/or submitting all support documentation are provided in this document. The following documents will be submitted after Tab 7 under Additional Admissions Information of the online application, so you are advised to prepare these prior to proceeding to the online process:
    • Personal resume
    • Plan of study
    • Application essay

Timely applications

To facilitate the review process, applicants should submit the admission application, application fee, support documents, and transcripts as early as possible. The application is not presented to the MHIIM Admissions Committee until the Registrar of the University of Mississippi at the Medical Center receives:

  • Completed application with all required documentation.
    • All parts of the application must be answered completely and correctly.
    • Applicant is responsible for promptly notifying the registrar of any changes in contact information including change of address, telephone number or e-mail address.
  • Payment of $25 non-refundable application fee upon submission of the online application.
  • Official transcripts of all college or professional work attempted, including summer sessions, sent directly by the registrar of each college or university attended to the Office of Student Records and Registrar, University of Mississippi Medical Center.
    • Request all transcripts at the time application to the program is made. Do not wait until the end of the current grading period.
    • The transcripts submitted at the time of application should have the courses and grades earned up to the time application is made.
    • Submit additional transcripts at the completion of each quarter or semester to reflect current grades. It is advisable to request transcripts from your registrar while each subsequent semester is in progress with instructions to submit to UMMC after grades are posted. Accepted students must submit final transcripts before enrolling at UMMC.
  • Personal resume (upload resume from a saved file into the online application). The personal resume can be a maximum of 3 single pages and should include:
    • Career objective: anticipated plans following graduation including type and general location of employment setting
    • Educational history: education institutions after high school, major/minor, date of graduation or anticipated graduation
    • Work history: employer, dates of employment, brief description of duties and responsibilities
    • Community service activities: dates of service, brief description of service activities and specific roles served
    • Honors, scholarships, and awards: brief description, how recipients are selected
    • Organization memberships: include a brief description, level of participation, committee membership, specific roles and responsibilities, etc.
    • Other areas as desired: e.g., member of a collegiate sports team or extracurricular activity such as band, student government, etc.
    • References and reference letters are NOT requested and should not be included.
  •  Plan of Study (must complete form in the online application).
    • If you do not plan to be in school, please check the appropriate box in the application to indicate this on the form. Otherwise, the Plan of Study will not appear and the application will not be considered complete.
    • Application for admission to the University of Mississippi Medical Center is evaluated on the basis of transcripts and the courses in progress or planned, as indicated on the Plan of Study form.
    • Notify the UMMC registrar if the plan of study is altered in any way. For example, the Registrar must be notified in writing if a course is substituted, dropped or added. Failure to notify the registrar may affect review of the application and acceptance to the program.
  • Application Essay (upload essay from a saved file into the online application).
    • The essay should be typed and limited to only one single page.
    • In the one-page essay, discuss your work and/or educational experiences that set you apart from other MHIIM program applicants.
  • Official report of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. 
    • The report must include verbal, quantitative and analytical writing scores.
    • Reports must be sent directly from the testing agency to the Office of Student Records and Registrar, University of Mississippi Medical Center (code 1857). Personal or faxed copies are not acceptable.
    • Information concerning the GRE can be obtained at telephone numbers (800)-473-2255 or 1-443-751-4820, or online at
    • Note: The Admissions Committee may at its discretion change the official class size, make additional class openings available, or extend the application deadline without prior notice. The Registrar's Office may be contacted at (601) 984-1080 to determine whether any changes have been made.
  • Academic admission requirements. To be eligible for admission into the Master of Health Informatics and Information Management program, candidates must meet the following academic requirements:
    • Completion or in the process of completing of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. Applicants accepted into the program who have not yet completed the baccalaureate degree must complete the degree prior to enrollment.
    • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on the last 60 undergraduate hours attempted.  
    • Minimum "C or better" on required courses.  

General information

  • Mail addressed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center may never reach the office for which it is intended unless that office is included in the address. Please address all correspondence relative to applications and have all transcripts sent to the Registrar of the University of Mississippi Medical Center at the following address:
    • Office of Student Records and Registrar
      University of Mississippi Medical Center
      2500 N. State St.
      Jackson, MS 39216-4505
  • Use your full and complete name as it appears on your birth certificate, including legal name change as applicable. In the online application for admission, indicate your correct contact information (mailing address, e-mail and phone) for receiving mail from the Office of Student Services and Records and the Health Informatics and Information Management program. Promptly notify the registrar of any changes in your contact information.
  • All transcripts submitted in support of an applicant become the sole property of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Transcripts cannot be returned to an applicant, used in subsequent applications, or forwarded to another school or individual. To be official, transcripts must be sent by the originating school directly to the Registrar of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Do not send them in yourself. Should hand-delivery be necessary, the official transcript must be delivered in a sealed envelope with your school's official seal and signature, and must be received by UMMC Registrar prior to the transcript deadline.
  • Verbal and written communication skills are vital to success in the academic programs in the School of Health Related Professions; therefore, applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination and to demonstrate competence in written and spoken English. Information on the TOEFL examination may be obtained from the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540.
  • Selection of applicants is made on a competitive basis and equal educational opportunity is offered to all applicants who meet the entrance requirements without regard to race, sex, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, disability or veteran status. The number of students admitted to each of the various departments within the school is dependent upon the educational resources available to support the program.
  • Mississippi law requires all health care workers, including students, to have completed criminal history background checks. All UMMC students who will participate in professional practice experiences are required to successfully complete a criminal history background check, including fingerprinting, prior to beginning clinical activities. Admitted students will receive information about the UMMC process for completing the criminal history background checks from the School of Health Related Professions.

Notification of admissions committee decisions

  • All applicants will be notified regarding interview status. Applicants must be granted an interview to be considered for admission.
  • All applicants selected for an interview will receive notification of acceptance or denial of admission.
  • Prior to registration in August, admitted students must have submitted all required documentation to the registrar's office.

For more information

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