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Bachelors - Progression

CourseSemester Hours
HI 309 Topics in Health Informatics & Information Management3
HI 311 Database Applications in Health Information Systems4
HI 329 Health Care Data Structure3
HI 416 Research, Design, and Statistics for Health Informatics & Information Management4
HI 422 Management of Health Information Systems3
HI 423 Health Care Compliance and Documentation Improvement3
HI 424 Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Management3
HI 425 Health Care Systems Design and Analysis4
HI 428 Quality Management & Performance Improvement Strategies3
HI 429 Advanced Privacy, Security, and Legal Issues3
HI 451 Directed Study*3
HI 485 Health Information Administration Professional Practicum1
Total Required Hours37

*Upon successful completion of the courses listed above and the capstone course, HI 451 Health Information Directed Study, students will be awarded an additional 24 semester hours of UMMC professional block credit based on their coursework and other preparation required to earn their health care credentials.

Course Descriptions

HI 301. HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT ACROSS HEALTH CARE SETTINGS. Health information systems in various health care settings including record content, access and retention, accreditation and licensure, electronic health records, and comparative reimbursement systems. (Lecture/Lab) (4 semester hours)

HI 309. TOPICS IN HEALTH INFORMATICS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. Overview of health informatics and methods of applying information technology to health information management functions, including collection, storage, management, analysis and reporting of health care data and information; the impact of selected national health information initiatives on health information systems including initiatives related to the classification of health care data. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 311. DATABASE APPLICATIONS IN HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Basic principles of data structure and data quality; data modeling; database design and development; management of data resources and databases. (Lecture/Lab) (4 semester hours)

HI 318. MEDICAL CONCEPTS I. A study of current clinical concepts in diseases and their treatments with emphasis on medical language. Prerequisite: Anatomy and Physiology (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 319. MEDICAL CONCEPTS II. A study of current clinical concepts with emphasis on specified diseases and their causes, lesions, manifestations and treatments. Prerequisite: HI 318 (Lecture) (4 semester hours)

HI 325. CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS FOR DIAGNOSES. Classifying diagnoses with limited introduction to classifying procedures; case mix classifications; relationship between various classifications and provider reimbursement mechanisms for inpatients. Prerequisite HI 318. Pre- or Corequisite HI 319 (Lecture/Lab) (4 semester hours)

HI 326. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. Principles and policies of personnel administration, including interviewing, evaluating and compensating with emphasis on health care settings. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 327. CODING AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS FOR PROCEDURES. Classifying procedures; case-mix classifications; relationship between various classifications and provider reimbursement mechanisms. Prerequisite HI 318; Pre- or Corequisite HI 319 (Lecture/Lab) (3 semester hours)

HI 329. HEALTH CARE DATA STRUCTURE. A study of health care data, its collection, analysis and uses with emphasis on infrastructure and regulatory requirements to support electronic health records. Prerequisite: HI 311 (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 330. SPECIAL TOPICS. Elective. Content Varies. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Permission of program director (Lecture) (1-3 semester hours)

HI 416. RESEARCH DESIGN AND STATISTICS FOR HEALTH INFORMATICS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. A study of basic topics of research design and statistics. Special focus on critical review and techniques of applied research for health information professionals. (Lecture) (4 semester hours)

HI 417. RESEARCH IN HEALTHCARE SETTINGS. Students apply research methods to explore health information practices in various health care settings. Course includes relevant projects and professional presentations by the students. (Lecture) (2 semester hours)

HI 422. MANAGEMENT OF HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Best practices in planning, organizing, staffing and directing health information services, including human resource management. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 423. HEALTH CARE COMPLIANCE AND DOCUMENTATION IMPROVEMENT. Effective strategies for managing compliance with accreditation, legal, and regulatory standards, including HIPAA privacy and security, reimbursement processes, and documentation improvement. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 424. REVENUE CYCLE AND REIMBURSEMENT MANAGEMENT. Clinical data and reimbursement management; compliance strategies and reporting; charge description master management; case-mix management; audit processes for compliance and reimbursement; payment systems (such as prospective payment systems, APCs, RBRVS, RUGs, MSDRGs, etc.); revenue cycle management. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 425. HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS DESIGN AND ANALYSIS. A study of computerized health information systems with emphasis on systems design and analysis and systems integration. Prerequisite: HI 311 (Lecture/Lab) (4 semester hours)

HI 426. AFFILIATION. This supervised professional practice experience requires the student to spend 160 clock hours practicing health information administration in an affiliated health care organization (or one that supports or regulates health care organizations or health care professionals). Projects completed will relate to didactic courses taken previously or concurrently. Course also includes professional presentations from the students. (Clinical Rotation) (4 semester hours)

HI 427. SEMINAR. A study of methods of identifying and arriving at satisfactory solutions to problems that may be encountered in health information management. Comprehensive examination. (Lecture) (1 semester hour)

HI 428. QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIES. Management of the quality assessment and performance improvement function, including benchmarking, statistical quality control and risk management; utilization and resource management; disease management process (such as case management, critical paths); outcomes measurement (such as patient, customer satisfaction, disease specific); benchmarking techniques; patient and organization safety initiatives. Prerequisite: HI 416 (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 429. ADVANCED PRIVACY, SECURITY AND LEGAL ISSUES. Management of systems to ensure privacy, confidentiality, security of health information; health information laws, regulations, and standards; elements of compliance programs; professional ethical issues; legal health record in an electronic environment; e-discovery guidelines. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 430. SPECIAL TOPICS. Treatment of specific subjects not dealt with fully in other courses. This elective course may be repeated for credit. (Lecture) (1-4 semester hours)

HI 451. DIRECTED STUDY. Projects related to advanced health informatics and information management topics to demonstrate management and leadership skills. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

HI 485. HEALTH INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION PROFESSIONAL PRACTICUM. Project-based practice of health information administration in an affiliated health care organization or an organization that supports or regulates health care. Projects completed will relate to didactic courses taken previously or concurrently. (Clinical rotation) (1 semester hour)