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Doctor of Occupational Therapy Estimated Costs, Tuition and Fees

UMMC's Student Financial Aid maintains estimated costs of attendance and tuition, including information about SHRP programs such as the entry-level professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy program.

As stated in the UMMC Bulletin, the Medical Center reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees without prior notice subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning.

Estimated additional expenses

In addition to tuition and health insurance, students should be aware of the following additional expenses: 

Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program
1st Year Expenses 
Educational Supplies
Laptop Computer with Microsoft Office Software$1,200.00
Computer Supplies/Copies$300.00
Office Supplies$450.00
Class Project Supplies$100.00
Anatomy Electronic Dissector$35.00
Educational Supplies Total Cost$4,085.00
 Goniometer, Blood Pressure Cuff$90.00
Lab supplies for Anatomy$70.00
 Instruments Total Cost$160.00
Lab Apparel/Uniforms
 Scrubs, lab coat/patch, shoes, etc.$550.00
 Lab Apparel/Uniforms Total Cost$550.00
 Fieldwork I Travel Expenses$500.00
MSOTA Membership$30.00
AOTA Membership$75.00
Basic Life Support Training (CPR)$40.00
Background Check$60.00
 "Other" Total Cost$815.00
Total Estimated Cost$5,610.00
Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program
2nd Year Expenses 
Educational Supplies
Computer Supplies/Copies$350.00
Office Supplies$350.00
Class Project Supplies$80.00
Professional Posters$25.00
Educational Supplies Total Cost$2,305.00
Lab Apparel/Uniforms
Lab coat with patch for white coat ceremony$50.00
 Lab Apparel/Uniforms Total Cost$300.00
 Fieldwork I Travel Expenses$500.00
AOTA Membership$75.00
Class Fieldtrip Expenses$150.00
 "Other" Total Cost$725.00
Total Estimated Cost$3,330.00
Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program
3rd Year Expenses
Educational Supplies
Educational supplies$1,000.00
Educational Supplies Total Cost$1,200.00
Lab Apparel/Uniforms
 Lab Apparel/Uniforms Total Cost$250.00
National Board Exam/Certification
 NBCOT National Certification Examination Fee$650.00
 National Board Exam/Certification Total Cost$650.00
State/Local Licensure Fee
 State Licensure Fees (MS)$250.00
 State Board Exam/Certification Total Cost$250.00
 AOTA Board Prep Material$150.00
Board Exam Review Course$330.00
AOTA Membership$75.00
Basic Life Support Training (CPR)$40.00
Background Check$60.00
Drug Screen$65.00
Fieldwork II Health Requirements$300.00
Fieldwork II Travel Expenses (Two 12-week fieldwork assignments)Varied Cost
Capstone Experience Travel Expenses (One 14-week assignment)Varied Cost
 "Other" Total Cost$1,020.00
Total Estimated Cost$3,370.00

Computer/electronic device

Students are required to have a computer/device. This cost is factored into "Educational Supplies" above for the first year.

To ensure that you have a computer/device that meets minimum standards to function with UMMC platforms, it must at least function at the following levels:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10; Mac OS 10 or better;
  • Must be patched by Operating System Company regularly;
  • Modern browser such as the latest Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge; and
  • Must run a modern and updated anti-virus solution.

Clinical rotations

Students are also required to complete two 12-week full-time clinical rotations and a 16-week specialty internship which are typically not within commuting distance from the Jackson area. At least one and potentially more of these placements may be outside of Mississippi. Therefore, students should be prepared to provide for their own transportation, living, and other incidental expenses during these clinical affiliations.

Program withdrawal/refunds

Please note that the OTD curriculum is designed to be sequential (i.e., all courses for each semester are prerequisites for courses in subsequent semesters). Students are not allowed to withdraw from a single class without withdrawing from the entire program. If a student becomes interested in withdrawing from the program, the UMMC Bulletin provides details regarding the institution's withdrawal policy and related tuition refunds. Additionally, withdrawal dates are highlighted on the academic calendar provided on the School of Health Related Professions webpage.