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OTD Admission Policies - Doctor of Occupational Therapy

General institution and school admission

An OT student works closely with a faculty member to learn treatment skillsIn accordance with the policies of the institution and school, the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program requires that applicants meet all the general admission requirements for the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the School of Health Related Professions for admission. These requirements are published in the UMMC Bulletin.

Competitive admissions

Due to a limited class size, the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program involves a competitive admissions process. Click here for the minimum admissions criteria, including standards for educational prerequisites. In addition, the general admission requirements of the institution and school must also be met.

Mississippi residents

Preference will be given to applicants who are legal residents of Mississippi. Out-of-state applicants will be considered only if there are positions available after all qualified Mississippi applicants are accepted.

Advanced placement

Advanced placement within the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program is not offered.

Transfer of credit

Transfer of credit is not accepted in any portion of the 3-year occupational therapy curriculum.

Experiential learning and work experience credit

Neither experiential learning nor work experience is accepted for credit to meet the requirements for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree. Moreover, work experience shall not be accepted for credit toward the experiential learning courses (i.e., Level I or II Fieldwork; Specialty Internship) within the curriculum.

Ability to benefit

Students are not accepted into the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program on the basis of ability to benefit.


To ensure awareness of the latest entrance requirements for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program, prospective students should visit the program's website and review the published admission policies and associated criteria for each application cycle (i.e., July-January). Additionally, interested students are encouraged to review the current UMMC Bulletin, which is published on the UMMC website.