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Tuition and Fees

Click here for the current rate of tuition for undergraduate students.

For more information on tuition and fees for the entry-level professional Radiologic Sciences program, contact the Office of Student Accounting at (601) 984-1060.

As stated in the UMMC Bulletin, the Medical Center reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees without prior notice, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning.

Estimated additional expenses

In addition to tuition, fees, health insurance, and professional association dues, students should be prepared to spend approximately $3,600 the first year and $1,650 the second year at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for necessary books, supplies, and uniforms.

Junior year
  • Books - $815
  • Educational supplies - $1,900
  • Instruments - $400
  • Lab apparel/uniforms - $325
  • National Board Exam/Certification - $130
  • State/local licensure fees - $45

Senior year

  • Books - $500
  • Educational supplies - $450
  • Lab apparel/uniforms - $325
  • National Board Exam/Certification - $330
  • State/local licensure fees - $45


Books are electronic format. Students are required to have a means of accessing the books, whether it be by laptop or a tablet. This cost is factored into "Educational Supplies" above for the junior year.

Travel to off-campus clinical rotations

Students are required to travel to off-campus clinical rotations. Therefore, students should be prepared to provide their own transportation and other incidental expenses during these clinical affiliations.

Withdrawal/tuition refunds

Please note that the Radiologic Sciences curriculum is designed to be sequential (i.e., all courses for each semester are prerequisites for courses in subsequent semesters). Students are not allowed to withdraw from a single class without withdrawing from the entire program. When a student becomes interested in withdrawing from the program, the UMMC Bulletin provides details regarding the institution’s withdrawal policy and related tuition refunds. Additionally, withdrawal dates are highlighted on the academic calendar provided on the School of Health Related Professions webpage. Click here for the academic calendar.

Financial aid information