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Bachelor of Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Health Sciences (online) program is designed to provide students with a firm foundation for understanding leadership principles, health education, and the role of health care in a contemporary society.

The program helps students develop analytical skills and personal characteristics necessary for leadership positions in health care. The health sciences degree provides students with opportunities for career advancement when the bachelor's degree is required for promotion into management and leadership positions. 

Online coursework is the primary method of content delivery with minimal face-to-face mandatory on-campus sessions. Currently, students are required to attend campus for 2 events: orientation and capstone presentations.

The Health Sciences graduate will:

  1. Understand the broad implications of the present health care system in relation to the past and future of health care delivery.
  2. Examine the impact of social, economic, legal and political factors on the health care system.
  3. Communicate with conciseness and clarity using the standard conventions of written English, public speaking, and medical terminology.
  4. Apply research skills to gather, assess, and communicate relevant information and reference material.
  5. Apply leadership, management, and learning theories to the planning, implementation, and assessment of health care delivery. 
  6. Apply critical thinking and analysis to interpret information, understand and define a problem, consider different points of view, reach supported conclusions.


The Bachelor of Health Science Program is proud to participate in the statewide initiative for Complete to Compete. Complete 2 Compete (C2C) is a Mississippi state program focused on helping Mississippi adults who have completed some college, finish the requirements necessary to earn their degrees. To see if you qualify, visit the C2C website