Property Control

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  • Property Control

    The purpose of the Property Control Department is to maintain an accurate equipment inventory and comply with state regulations for the monthly and annual reporting of property to the Office of State Auditor. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Property Control Department to ensure that IHL, UMMC and state laws, regulations and policies are followed involving additions, transfers and deletions of UMMC property.

    Information sources

    The Property Control Policy and Procedure Manual provides information regarding all business related to the maintenance of UMMC inventory. Please refer to this manual for information covering each UMMC department's responsibility for the management of their individual equipment inventory.

    The Surplus Property Division is responsible for the disposition and/or disposal of all UMMC surplus equipment. Please refer to Surplus Property for disposal services provided. All equipment items with inventory control (UMMC) tags must be transferred to surplus in Lawson by the departmental property officer. All non-inventoried items are surplused using the Non-Inventoried Equipment Disposal Request form.