UMMC Policy and Procedure Manual E-SPH-GEN-GEN-PO-00061
Subject: SOPH Non-Degree Seeking Student
Revised Date: 4/20/2020 Effective Date: 12/6/2016
Prepared By:
Jeanna D. Wilkes
Approved By:
Natalie W. Gaughf

Reviewed By:
Sydney R. Murphy

John D. Bower School of Population Health



TITLE: Non-Degree Seeking Student

PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for non-degree seeking students in the John D. Bower School of Population Health.

POLICY: Individuals who wish to take graduate course work but are not students in a UMMC academic degree program may apply as non-degree seeking students (NDSS). Applicants must first complete a Non-Degree Seeking Enrollment Request Form, which is available on the Bower School of Population Health website. Non-degree seeking students may not earn more than 9 semester hours. Successful completion of courses taken does not in itself qualify the individual for subsequent admission to a graduate program.

SCOPE: All SOPH students

REFERENCE: University of Mississippi Medical Center [Intranet].  Admission of Non-Degree Seeking Students. 2013 [Revised 2019 September 21; Cited 2019 May 15].