UMMC Policy and Procedure Manual E-AA-GEN-GEN-PO-00048
Subject: Tuition Payment and Refund Policy
Revised Date: 11/1/2019 Effective Date: 6/3/2019
Prepared By:
Daphne K Secrest
Approved By:
Ralph H. Didlake

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


REVIEW PERIOD: Three years

Name: Tuition Payment and Refund Policy

Purpose: To inform students regarding institutional policy and procedure relative to payment and refund of tuition and fees, and consequences for non-payment.


Tuition- The charge for a unit of instruction taken for academic credit by an enrolled student. Tuition is assessed by credit hour, or, in the case of medical or dental students, based on the approved annual tuition rate for the academic year.

Payment- Timely reduction in the student’s balance to satisfy a debt, acceptable tender being cash, checks, electronic checks, selected debit and credit cards, and financial aid credits (i.e., scholarships, loans, grants, GI Bill, third party sponsors, 529 plans, etc.). Payment includes tuition and any associated fees.

Tuition and Fees Refund- A portion of tuition and fees that are credited back to a student who terminates enrollment for any reason.

Policy: By registering for classes students acknowledge that they are entering into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including late fees and service charges on past due accounts, collection fees, and legal fees should their account have to be referred to an outside agency for collection. Tuition, fees, optional insurance, and bookstore charges are charged to the students’ tuition accounts and can be viewed at any time in the student information portal. Billing statements are sent out via UMMC email.

Students are expected to pay their accounts in full by the term payment deadlines. Insurance charges applied after the term deadlines are due by the effective date of the coverage.

Students who plan for financial aid to pay their accounts are expected to finalize their application and other obligations by the term payment deadlines. Failure to do so may result in the penalties outlined below.

The penalties for not paying tuition and related charges on time are as follows. Students are notified of each step in this process by U.S. mail. A total of four notifications are sent.

1. The account will be considered delinquent and the student’s records placed on hold, preventing the student from registering, viewing grades, or requesting a transcript. Students with unpaid accounts will not be able to obtain regalia for commencement, participate in commencement ceremonies, or receive a diploma until the account is paid in full.

2. The account will be charged a $100 late fee. Further failure to pay could result in denial of access to additional campus privileges, which might include the learning management system, class attendance, or other privileges as determined by campus administration.

3. The account will be charged monthly service charges at an annual rate of 18%.

4. Students with delinquent accounts are given until the last day to register for the next term to either pay the account in full or make satisfactory payment arrangements with the Student Accounting Office. If no payment is received and no payment arrangements have been made by then, the account may be turned over to a collection agency, reported to the credit bureaus, and incur collection fees. If a student enters into a payment arrangement and subsequently fails to make the agreed upon payments, the account may then be placed with the collection agency, reported to the credit bureaus and incur collection fees.

Tuition and Fees Refund

Students who withdraw, take a leave of absence or are dismissed during an academic term may still be responsible for payment of all or part of the tuition and fees assessed for that term. Refunds will be based upon the date of cancellation of enrollment and should be documented by the school.

The refund schedule for cancellation of enrollment after the term begins is a follows:

• 100% refund if courses dropped through the official last day to withdraw from a course without receiving a withdrawal grade.  (Note: this date is included in the academic calendar.)

• From the end of the 100% refund period until the student has completed 60% of the academic term, refunds will be prorated according to the percentage of the term the student has completed.  For example, if the student completes only 45% of the term before enrollment is terminated, 55% of the student’s tuition and fees would be refunded.

• After a student has completed 60% of the academic term for which the student is registered, no refunds will be given.


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