UMMC Policy and Procedure Manual E-AA-GEN-GEN-PO-00018
Subject: Immunization Requirements for UMMC Students
Revised Date: 9/24/2021 Effective Date: 11/3/2014
Prepared By:
Daphne K Secrest
Approved By:
Ralph H. Didlake

Immunization Requirements for UMMC Students

POLICY: Entering University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) students must provide documentation of immunization requirements included in this policy. For the purposes of this policy, UMMC students are defined as individuals enrolled with UMMC schools and students enrolled with the University of Mississippi’s School of Pharmacy. Excluded from this definition are students in the following distance education programs with no clinical or research components requiring the physical presence of students on any UMMC campus: School of Dentistry – Advanced Standing Dental Hygiene; School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences – Biochemistry Certificate; School of Health Related Professions – Advanced Standing Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science MLT-MLS, Advanced Standing Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Administration, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Informatics, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Leadership and Management; John D. Bower School of Population Health – Executive Master of Science in Population Health Management, Master of Science in Population Health Science, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Analytics, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Population Health Science.

1. SARS-CoV-2 (“COVID-19”): Documentation of completed series of COVID-19 vaccination, (i.e., Pfizer 2 dose series, Moderna 2 dose series, or Johnson & Johnson 1 dose series) is required. Other vaccination series may be approved on a case-by-case basis by Student and Employee Health after a review if found to be consistent with institutional and national guidelines. Requirements of length between doses are dependent on manufacturer and CDC guidance. To remain compliant with this provision of the policy, students will be required to abide by any future public health recommendations for additional “booster” doses beyond the primary series and provide proof of the additional dose(s) by an outside source or authorization to obtain COVID-19 vaccination record per the timeframe recommended by the FDA and/or CDC.

2. Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR): Documentation of 2 doses of live MMR vaccine for persons born in 1957 or later is required. The doses must have been administered at least 28 days apart and at or after 12 months of age. Laboratory evidence of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella or laboratory confirmation of disease is acceptable. Individuals born before 1957 must provide laboratory evidence of disease or immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella; otherwise, 2 doses of MMR are required.

3. Varicella vaccination: Two- dose Varicella vaccination series given at least 30 days apart OR proof of immunity through laboratory evidence of immunity (positive blood titer) or laboratory confirmation of disease for students who have had a previous varicella infection. Verification of a history of herpes zoster infection from a healthcare provider is also acceptable.

4. Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine: All students should submit proof of vaccination with one dose of Tdap received as an adolescent or adult. If the Tdap vaccination date is more than ten years, a tetanus /diphtheria toxoid (Td) booster dose is required. Tdap may be administered regardless of the interval since the last dose of Td. Pregnant students should receive Tdap during each pregnancy.

5. Mandatory annual influenza vaccine administration or a UMMC approved contraindication or exemption must be documented during flu season, between October 1st-March 31st.

6. Meningococcal vaccine: Students with anatomic or functional asplenia or persistent complement component deficiencies should receive both MenACWY and MenB (Bexsero or Trumenba) vaccine series. Students with routine exposure to N. meningitides isolates or Students with anatomic or functional asplenia or persistent complement component deficiencies should receive both MenACWY and MenB (Bexsero or Trumenba) vaccine series. A 2-dose primary series of MenACWY is required. A booster dose is required every five years. A primary series of 2 or 3 doses of Men B is required. A booster dose is required every 2-3 years. The meningococcal vaccine is optional for other students.

7. Hepatitis B vaccine: Prior to school entry, students must provide proof of completion of a 2-dose (Heplisav-B) or a 3-dose (Engerix-B or Recombivax HB) hepatitis B vaccine series and the results of a hepatitis B surface antibody test. The hepatitis B surface antibody titer must be performed at least 30 days after completing the hepatitis B vaccine series.  

A positive hepatitis B surface antibody titer without documentation of appropriate doses of hepatitis vaccination is insufficient in the absence of a history of resolved hepatitis B infection. If a student has a positive hepatitis B surface antibody AND can provide clinical or laboratory documentation of prior, resolved hepatitis B infection, this combination will be acceptable documentation of immunity. Such students should contact Student and Employee Health for guidance about what documentation of prior infection is acceptable.

8. Tuberculosis screening: A two-step TB Skin test or a TB blood (IGRA) test is required for baseline TB screening of all students. The approved IGRA tests are QuantiFERON-TB Gold and T-Spot tests. Students who choose to screen using a TB skin test must submit documentation of a two-step TB skin test performed within 90 days (3 months) prior to the start of classes. The second dose of the two-step TB test must be placed within 28 days of the initial TB skin test. If the TB skin or the IGRA test is positive, a chest x-ray report must be submitted. Students residing in the United States who have completed an annual TB skin test screening prior to enrollment may submit two or more consecutive annual reports of negative TB skin tests, one of which must have been completed within three months of school enrollment. Students with a previously positive TB skin test or a history of immunization with BCG should submit an IGRA test report obtained three months prior to school entry. Students treated for Latent TB infection in the past are required to complete a pulmonary history form and submit a copy of the treatment record and chest X-ray report. International students must submit an IGRA test and chest X-ray reports; both performed in the United States within 45 days of school enrollment. Additional details regarding annual TB testing can be found in the UMMC policy on Student TB Screening ( ).

Students will provide proof of TB testing completed within three (3) months prior to the date of school entry. The date of school entry for Pharmacy students is the start of the P1 year. TB screening for Pharmacy students is managed according to the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy protocol.

Individuals for whom testing is medically contraindicated will provide sufficient evidence from a qualified medical provider to document their TB status. The medical director of Student and Employee Health will review cases in which applicants test positive for TB or who have special circumstances regarding their TB status. Further evaluation may be required.

Student and Employee Health resolve questions regarding levels of immunity and other interpretation of testing results.

UMMC reserves the right to revoke students' acceptance, deny admission to any of its programs, and restrict access to UMMC campus and systems/resources as deemed appropriate based on TB status, required vaccination status, and the best interests of the Medical Center.

Record of vaccination will be documented on the Mississippi Certificate of Immunization Compliance, Form 121, or the University of Mississippi Medical Center Immunization record form. This form must be completed by a licensed healthcare provider (i.e., a physician, a licensed Nurse Practitioner, a licensed nurse, physician assistant, pharmacist, or a public health official).

SCOPE: All schools



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