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The Office of Planning, Design, and Construction (PDC) has established tools to aid our UMMC colleagues in creating optimal facilities to support the mission of UMMC. PDC has established a broad palette of materials, furniture, and space standards to ensure visual uniformity and communicate the UMMC brand.

All work affecting UMMC buildings and/or grounds that is not routine maintenance must come through the office of the PDC. If you would like to request more space on campus or schedule a move, use the button at the bottom of the page to submit a Move / Space Request. All requests that involve reassigning of departmental space will need to be approved by the Facilities and Infrastructure Steering Committee (FISC); see our Space Policy, linked below. If you are requesting a move, review the Moving Process Guidelines as well, linked below.

All furniture ordered must come through and be approved by the PDC. If you need furniture, new or used, use the Furniture Request button below to request furniture. For more information, see the UMMC Furniture, Art, and Décor Standards, linked below.

If you would like to add a door, paint a wall, install new flooring, redesign your suite, or something similar, use the button below to submit a Project Request. This will put a work order into Physical Facilities that will get routed to us if it is a design or construction project. If you are unsure if you have a space request or project request, submit a space request and we'll evaluate your needs. All requests that are over $50,000 will require approval through FISC.

Note: Projects with funding in place receive priority over those without; all project funding has been allocated for the 2018 FY. Capital projects submitted this year will be put in front of Leadership for consideration for the 2019 FY. Departments are responsible for funding all projects and furniture acquisitions; check with your supervisor before submitting a move, space, furniture or project request.

Useful PDC information, policies and procedures