Planning, Design and Construction


There always are construction projects happening at UMMC! For the very latest on what we're doing, please click here to read our executive project updates.

Translational Research Center

translational20research.jpgThis project will provide a new facility to accommodate multiple research and development program. The facility is comprised of a vivarium on the lowest level, the Mind Center on the first level, the Incubator Center on the third level, and the Neuroscience program on the forth level. Level two is being planned for Population Health and Preventive Medicine and level 5 will be shelled for future wet labs. The total square footage of the building is 124,700, and the building is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

som.jpgNew School of Medicine

The School of Medicine, is one of three major building projects under construction on the UMMC campus at this time. When finished, the project will be a 138,000-square-feet, state-of-the-art medical school with the latest in interactive medical training technologies and hands-on experience, equipping our future doctors for the 21st century. The facility will contain lecture halls, classrooms, clinical skills area and training center, teaching laboratories, offices and student support spaces. It will also include, extensive outdoor landscaping and seating vistas. Located immediately north of and connected to the existing LRC building via a second floor enclosed walkway. It is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

parking-log.jpgParking Garage C

Parking Garage C is located adjacent to the Dental School with an elevator tower that will connect to the covered walkway. When complete, the eight-level precast structure will provide 914 parking spaces. Earthwork for this project began in April 2015 and is slated for construction completion summer of 2016. The precast panels are being fabricated in Moss Point, Miss., and shipped to our location. The contractor expects to erect an average of 15 truckloads per day which will complete the structure approximately four months after erection begins.